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Music Minor

Three introductory courses, reflecting a breadth of musical study, forms the basis of a music minor. You can choose up to three electives numbered MUS 200 or above. 

No Auditions to Minor in Music

Davidson does not require auditions for acceptance into the college or into the music program. Music minors are declared by the student no later than October 1 of the student's senior year.

Music Minor Requirements

Students must take six total courses toward the minor.

  1. MUS 101 or 102
  2. MUS 121 or 122
  3. MUS 141
  4. Three electives; at least two of the electives numbered 200 or above
  5. Two semesters of ensemble

Concert & Lecture Attendance

Music minors are expected to regularly attend the concerts, recitals, and lectures presented by the Music department.

For a complete information, please see the College Catalog.