The faculty of the film and media studies is dedicated to increasing your insight into one of the principal forms of art and communication in the contemporary era.

Luther Clement-Lam

  • Visiting Professor of Film
Luther Clement Lam Headshot

Caroline Fache

  • Chair & Associate Professor of French & Francophone Studies | Associate Professor of Africana Studies | Bacca Professor of Humanities
Caroline Beschea-Fache Headshot

Zoran Kuzmanovich

  • Professor of English
Zoran Kuzmanovich

Neil Lerner

  • Chair & Professor of Music

Primary Areas of Expertise

  • History of film music, television music, and video game music
  • Music in science fiction and horror films
  • Music and disability studies



Sloan Music Center 108

Neil Lerner Headshot

Amanda Martinez

  • Chair & Associate Professor of Communication Studies | Associate Professor of Sociology

Primary Areas of Expertise

  • Media Effects
  • Race & Stereotypes
  • Culture & Health Communication

Maggie McCarthy

  • Chair & Professor of German Studies | Coordinator of Film & Media Studies

Primary Areas of Expertise

  • Contemporary German Literature and Film
  • Feminism
  • Film Studies
Maggie M

Paul Miller

  • Associate Professor of English
Paul Miller Headshot

Luis Peña

  • Professor of Hispanic Studies
Luis Peña Headshot

Vivian Shen

  • Professor of Chinese Studies
Vivian Shen Headshot

Sarah Waheed

  • Assistant Professor of History | Director of Davidson in India

Primary Areas of Expertise

  • India, Pakistan
Sarah Waheed Headshot

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Meg Sawicki

  • Departmental Coordinator



Carolina Inn 101 (Tuesdays & Wednesdays)
Chambers 2135 (Mondays, Thursdays & Fridays)

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