Institutional cost-sharing is one way to demonstrate the Davidson College's commitment to a proposed project to the grant sponsor.

Usually use of dedicated space or equipment, or consultant time is accepted as cost-sharing. Faculty time donated to the project is also acceptable. When donated time is written in as cost-sharing, the corresponding indirect costs and fringe benefits applied to the salary should be included. Federal regulations require that cost-sharing must be both documented and auditable.

A proposal requiring cost-sharing must receive pre-submission institutional approval. The Office of Sponsored Programs works with the vice president for academic affairs, department chairs, and the Principal Investigator to determine potential sources of support. In the case of multi-year commitments, departments may spread their cost-share over the duration of the grant as long as the departmental commitment is met by the grant expiration date. Single-year commitments should be transferred into the grant account at the time of award notification.

Principal Investigators wishing to submit proposals to the National Science Foundation should review NSF's Revised Cost Sharing Policy FAQs.