Center for Diversity and Inclusion

The Center for Diversity and Inclusion is located on the second floor of the Alvarez College Union. The space serves at the administrative office for the Assistant Dean of Students for Diversity and Inclusion and the Center support staff.

This student-centered lounge strives to be a community building space for diverse students to have organic conversations and enjoy social activities such as games, coloring, music and refreshments.

Guests are encouraged to learn more about the striking Chances Are mural, a tribute to Davidson College's racial integration history and the many doors of opportunity and access that were opened as a result.

The Center for Diversity and Inclusion is open Monday through Friday 9:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Spencer-Weinstein Center for Community and Justice

The Spencer-Weinstein Center for Community and Justice serves as a space where students of all backgrounds may meet and engage in various learning opportunities presented by faculty, staff and student groups. The center sponsors and co-sponsors programs year-round such as movie screenings, trainings, discussion groups, ceremonies, cultural celebrations, talk backs, and receptions.

The center serves to foster mutual respect and understanding among–and for all–people of different cultures, backgrounds, experiences and worldviews, and to help the college achieve its stated commitment to diversity. Students, faculty and staff create and implement learning experiences that promote social, cultural and educational programs that advance pluralism and inclusivity across the campus. All involved act to make our community more socially just because we recognize the dignity and worth of every person.

The center also features audio/visual equipment for facilitating presentations and accessing multimedia. The lower level serves as a multipurpose room perfect for group meetings, performances, movie screenings, presentations and much more. The upper/main floor features a full conference room, lounge space, kitchen, dining space and a sunroom that is commonly used for morning prayers and group meditation sessions.

The newly renovated restroom area is equipped with all-gender bathrooms, bidets, a baby changing station, and an ablution or wudu washroom.

Faculty, staff and student groups can reserve space in the center using the Event Management System (login required), however priority is given to programs that support the mission of the Center for Diversity and Inclusion as well as social justice efforts. Spencer Weinstein is available to the Davidson College community from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily.

Space Reservation Policies

Lavender Lounge

The LGBTQIA+ Lounge, affectionately known on campus as Lavender Lounge, is located in lower level of Belk Residence Hall. The lounge is open to LGBTQIA+ students and their allies who support diverse and inclusive gender and sexual identities. The space is open to the community 6 a.m.-1 a.m. daily during the academic year and is staffed by students on weekday afternoons. The Lavender Lounge contains about 300 books, films, documentaries, TV shows, and educational materials from advocacy organizations. Student groups who are hosting LGBTQIA+ events and meetings can reserve space in the center using the Event Management System (login required). 

Space Reservation Policies