Davidson College is committed to educational access and social diversity which are essential components for achieving excellence in a liberal arts education.

Davidson continues to expand its resources and expertise in supporting the development and education of undocumented students and students with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) status. We encourage interested applicants to apply for admission regardless of their immigration status and for admitted students to explore the following resources.

Learn More About the DACA Program

Information for Prospective Students Applying to Davidson

The college strives to remove social and financial barriers that may otherwise exclude students from historically excluded populations, such as undocumented/DACA students. Email Marlene Arellano, Associate Dean of Admission and Director of Diversity and Inclusion, to learn more.

Explore Diversity & Access in the Admission Process

Information for Admitted Students Coming to Davidson

Undocumented/DACA students are strongly encouraged to participate in STRIDE, a pre-orientation program for diverse and underrepresented student populations. Upon request, undocumented/DACA admitted students may also be put in contact with current undocumented/DACA students. 

Studying at Davidson

Peer Mentorship & Support

Students who are unable to attend the pre-orientation portion of STRIDE may still participate in the STRIDE mentorship component once classes begin. Students seeking more specialized support and the opportunity to connect with other undocumented students may reach out to the Dean of Students Office.

Holistic Advising

Students will be matched with holistic advisers who are sensitive to, and trained about, the special support unique to undocumented/DACA students. Disclosing their status is optional. Students may direct any concerns about their holistic advising to Academic Affairs.

Education Abroad

Study abroad may be an option for students enrolled in DACA. Study abroad requires planning ahead, and we encourage all students to meet with a counselor in the Office of Education Abroad during their first year to begin planning for this option.

Career Development

All Davidson students receive messaging about class-year-specific exercises and opportunities that are intended to support career awareness and development. Undocumented/DACA students who have more specific questions about their eligibility for Davidson College career partnerships and employment options are encouraged to make an appointment with Kelli Robinson, assistant director for the Matthews Center, at kerobinson@davidson.edu

Student Funding Emergencies

Davidson College has financial resources and receives alumni gifts earmarked to assist students with limited finances. Undocumented/DACA students who may find themselves in need of additional finances to cover medical expenses, unexpected travel, or Advanced Parole fees are encouraged to apply for emergency funding. Learn more about financial wellness at Davidson.

Counseling Services

The life of a college student at a selective, private institution can be stressful. For undocumented/DACA students those stresses may be compounded by their (or their families') volatile legal statuses and public opinions about immigration. Davidson has a diverse staff of counselors and mental health professionals trained to support the emotional and mental health needs of an increasingly diverse student body. Learn more about Davidson's counseling services

Legal Counsel

Davidson alumni and community partners are also available upon appointment as legal counsel and consultants on a wide range of immigration, travel, and social concerns relevant to undocumented communities in Charlotte and neighboring areas, including Davidson. For more information about these additional community resources and fee structures, contact each partner directly.