Group counseling is a form of therapy where 5-10 group members share personal struggles together with group leaders.

Group can be the best treatment choice for students to address life challenges and/or mental health concerns.

Most issues take place in social environments, such as among families or in schools, workplaces, clubs and organizations. We interact and develop in this social setting, therefore most of our mental health concerns can be best dealt with in a social situation like group counseling. Group counseling is a safe and supportive environment to share your concerns, learn from one another, experiment with new behaviors and better understand your issues.

Workshops & Groups

Stress Management Workshop

  • Day: Thursday's February 15th - February 29th 
  • Time: 11am-12pm
  • Location: Wall 

Must have been seen by triage counselor at CSHWB this academic year prior to registration

This 3-week workshop series aims to assist students in identifying strategies for managing various types of stress and improve their well-being. Students are required to have been seen for a triage appointment prior to registering for the workshop. If you are connected with a counselor, you can reach out to them directly regarding registration. If not, please feel free to schedule a triage appointment through the student health portal and one of our clinicians can assist you in getting registered. Students also have the opportunity to complete the series and fulfill their wellness credit! Please email Jasmine ( if you have any additional questions.

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The Body Project

  • Day: Wednesday's January 24th - February 28th 
  • Time: 3:30-4:30pm
  • Location: Chambers

The Body Project is a body-acceptance program designed to help women resist cultural and social pressures to conform to the appearance ideal standard of female beauty and reduce their pursuit of unrealistic bodies. This program promotes loving and accepting yourself at any size.

This is a peer-to-peer program, led by Davidson students and facilitated by counselor Susan Denny and intern Julia Durst.  This class will meet for 6 sessions and include light assignments to complete between sessions.

 Sign up through PE registration.

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Interested in Forming Other Groups/Workshops?

Groups are generally offered and developed based on student needs and interests. Each semester, the center develops a group offering that addresses current issues that have emerged from the student population. Individuals or student groups are welcomed and encouraged to request/suggest a group to address topics/issues they find relevant and important.  

Please contact counseling services at, if you are interested in participating in or developing a group.