Your first year isn't really about a major; it's about opening doors and taking advantage of the breadth of courses Davidson offers. Taking a diverse group of courses in your first year gives you a huge advantage and open you up to interests you didn't know you had.

Tips For Choosing Your First-Year Courses

The required course load is four courses.

Your priority should be fulfilling your Ways of Knowing (general education) requirements. These courses precede and support more specialized courses and are the core of your education. Additionally, a course that satisfies the Justice, Equality, and Community (JEC) requirement or a course that satisfies the Cultural Diversity (CULT) requirement should be considered.

Your first year is a good time to get started on your Foreign Language requirement by continuing to study a foreign language or beginning to study a new one.

Every student must satisfy the Writing requirement their first year at Davidson. You can fulfill this requirement by taking a course listed under the College Writing Program designated as WRI 101. The only exception is for students completing the Humanities 103-104 sequence.

It's recommended that you finish your Physical Education requirement by the end of your second year, so think about getting started during your first semester. Physical education classes and other non-credit courses, such as applied music, and military science, should not be included on your WebTree. Registration for these courses will take place during the first week of classes.

Holistic Advising

Davidson's Holistic Advising Program provides first- and second-year students holistic, ongoing, pre-major support up to the time you declare an academic major.

During New Student Orientation you will meet with your pre-major, Holistic Adviser to review your initial schedule and make any necessary changes during the add/drop period.

Prior to meeting your Holistic Adviser, please reach out to a Summer Adviser should you have any questions about the initial course registration process.