Student Spike! grants support student-driven, student-led, student-performed art on campus.

Thanks to the generous giving of members, Friends of the Arts developed the grant program to help encourage extracurricular student art on campus. We believe in the creativity and artistic innovation of Davidson students, and we hope to enhance the arts culture on campus.

Grants can be in any art genre including (but not limited to) theatre, film, music, dance, visual art, spoken word, and creative writing. Additional details and conditions are as follows.

  • Grants are open to all majors.
  • Individual or group projects are accepted.
  • Preference will be given to interdisciplinary projects.
  • Projects must be extracurricular, and not related to coursework, research or honors thesis work.
  • Spike grants do not purchase long-term equipment.
  • Projects cannot include paying for an outside Davidson professional to come to the college for any reason.
  • Students apply directly to Friends of the Arts with no departmental or faculty sponsorship.
  • Awards will be made up to $1,500 per grant and the project will have to be completed before May 5.

Student Artist Profile

Funded by a student Spike! Grant, studio art major Stewy Robertson '15 painted a mural in the Knobloch Campus Center. Watch the time lapse to see how the work progressed over fall break.

Grant Application

Spike! Grant Application

Funding & Expectations

Student Grants will be distributed through a college project account. Grant recipients are expected to keep receipts and submit them for verification. Grant recipients will be expected to attend an orientation meeting, have regular check-ins, document their creative process, and do an on-campus presentation of the completed project.


If you have questions please contact Kaikai Wang at or Sherry Nelson at