Students with disabilities who wish to receive academic and housing accommodations may initiate their requests by contacting the Academic Access and Disability Resources Office (AADR) for appointments.

During their appointments, students meet with staff members to discuss the impact of their disabilities and their accommodation requests. Students will be asked to provide current documentation about their disabilities, which will help us determine appropriate accommodations.

A student's disability documentation must indicate that their condition substantially limits a major life activity–which includes, but is not limited to: seeing, hearing, walking, learning, reading, concentrating, speaking and caring for oneself. The documentation should be current and completed by the appropriate treating professional. Some conditions are permanent or non-varying while others may be more variable. Changing conditions and/or changes in the impact of functional limitations may warrant more current documentation. The AADR Office utilizes flexibility and discretion in making such determinations. For more information about documentation, please contact Beth Bleil by calling 704-894-2129 or emailing

AADR staff will review the student's documentation and information gathered during the meeting with the student, verify that the student has a disability requiring accommodations, and then determine the specific accommodations the student is authorized to use.

Each semester students must meet with the AADR office and complete a request for academic accommodations form in order to continue receiving accommodations. Students are strongly encouraged to complete this form as soon as they have registered for classes. Though accommodations can be requested at any time, they are not retroactive and will not begin until the Request for Accommodations form is completed and submitted to AADR and faculty members have received the official email from the AADR Office.