The student body at Davidson is dynamic and diverse, with different political beliefs. To foster knowledge sharing and proactive discourse, the school supports many student-led political organizations on campus.

This page is just a sampling of the many clubs and organizations active at Davidson. Members of the Davidson community may view all organizations on WildcatSync. Students may also work with the Student Activities Office to launch new clubs and organizations.

(CPE) Center for Political Engagement

The Center for Political Engagement encourages responsible discourse and facilitates direct participation in the political process on Davidson’s campus. We work with campus partisan organizations, other student groups, and invite speakers to do this. We run the Davidson Votes Initiative which registers students to vote, educates students about candidates and policy, and turns students out to vote.


Davidson College Democrats

The Davidson College Democrats seek to champion the Davidson values of service to others, justice for all, and loving community through progressive political activity. The purpose of the organization remains to empower Davidson students to be citizen-leaders working for a truly democratic society, to build a healthy, free, and just political climate at Davidson College, and to advance our stated values and democratic ideals through advocacy for progressive policies and social justice.

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Davidson College Libertarians

Our purpose is to promote liberty on Davidson's campus and in our wider community by bringing speakers and opening communication between students on subjects including freedom of speech, civil liberties and government involvement in our lives. We aim to engage the student body in conversations about public and school policies which might infringe upon personal liberties.

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Davidson College Republicans

The Davidson College Republicans seek to foster an inclusive and open political discourse on campus. We work both independently and with other campus organizations to host events, educate students, turn out voters, and engage with the student body on primarily North Carolina politics. We align with the values and policies of the National Republican Party, but do not discriminate in our membership with respect to politics or any other quality described in Davidson College's anti-discrimination clause.

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Dean Rusk Global Corps

Dean Rusk Global Corps conceives and implements programs, sponsors cultural events, and finds creative ways to share international news with the campus community. Our goal is to foster a campus culture that engages students on global issues and provides them with an international perspective. Additionally, Global Corps works closely with the Dean Rusk International Studies Program, and other internationally-focused student groups.

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Spotlight on Traditions Eu and Phi Hall Debates

Every four years as the presidential candidates take the national stage to debate, Davidson hosts its own debate on current issues. Students shout across the quad between Eu and Phi Halls, echoing a tradition started in the 1800s with the college's first debate societies. Student organizations across the political spectrum participate in the lively debate.