Fork Lift Operation (PDF)

Provides powered industrial truck operators with proper procedures for use of all powered industrial lift trucks.

Follow these guidelines to ensure the safe and correct operation of a fork lift:

  • Only trained personnel are allowed to operate fork lifts.
  • Unauthorized employees are prohibited from riding on fork lifts.
  • Substantial overhead protective equipment should be provided on high lift rider equipment.
  • The brakes on each fork lift should be capable of bringing the vehicle to a complete and safe stop when fully loaded.
  • Safe distances should be maintained from the edges of elevated ramps and platforms.
  • Fork lifts with internal combustion engines that are operated in buildings should be checked to ensure that such operations do not cause harmful concentrations of gases and fumes.
  • The fork lift should have a warning horn, whistle or other device that can clearly be heard above normal noise levels in the areas it is operated.
  • Employees are prohibited from standing or passing under elevated portions of fork lifts, whether loaded or empty.
  • Loads should not exceed the rated capacity of the fork lift.
  • Operators should never drive up to anyone standing in front of a fixed object.