When do we receive our W-2?

Legally, we must mail the forms by January 31. However, we will post on Davidson One when W-2 forms are available for pickup in our office. Once W-2 forms are available, you may access them electronically in Oracle.

How do I update my direct deposit information?

You may update your information in Oracle. 

How-To: Set Up and Update Direct Deposit Information (login required)

Can my direct deposit be distributed to more than one account?

Yes, you can have your pay deposited in to multiple savings and/or checking accounts.

How do I report time?

If you are an hourly paid employee, you will clock in and out using Oracle Web Clock. If you are a salary paid employee, you need to enter your absences by going to the Me tab>Time and Absences>Add Absence. 

How-To: Use Oracle Web Clock (login required)

How-To: Use Oracle Time Card (login required)

When do I get paid?

All employees are paid on a bi-weekly schedule, every two weeks on Friday for the two week period ending on the previous Saturday.

When is my bi-weekly time sheet due?

Time sheets are due by 10 a.m. on Monday, following the two week pay period end on Saturday.

How do I approve time in Oracle Web Clock?

Follow these instructions to approve time (login required) for employees and students. 

Do I need to submit a leave report if I did not take any sick/vacation time?

Yes. Leave reports must be submitted, even if no sick or vacation days were taken.

How do I get a copy of my paycheck stub?

Current and former employees may obtain paycheck stubs in Oracle. 

How-To: Find Payslips in Oracle (login required)

If you are a temporary employee, please stop by the payroll office to receive a copy of your pay stub.