Davidson College is committed to achieving excellence in protecting human health, safety and the environment. It is college policy to comply with all applicable environmental health and safety laws, regulations and requirements.

All members of the college community will put the safety and health of our students, colleagues, and the public above all other considerations. There is no task so important or urgent that it cannot be performed in a safe manner. Additionally, we will promote stewardship of the environment, to protect it for future generations to enjoy.

Commitment to Safety & Stewardship

The following guiding principles form the foundation for our commitment to the environment, health and safety:

  • Each college employee is responsible for promoting health and safety as well as protecting the environment. To that end, all employees will comply with all college policies, programs and procedures, and participate in online and classroom training as needed and/or required by law.
  • The college will provide the necessary resources to comply with all relevant environmental, health and safety laws and regulations.
  • The college will identify and address environmental, health and safety deficiencies.
  • All accidents and incidents will be investigated as part of a comprehensive accident prevention program.
  • The college will promote awareness of environmental, health and safety issues through the Environmental Health and Safety Committee, employee training, independent audits and other communication efforts.


Allen Stowe, EHS Manager



Office: Watson B034