While Davidson Outdoors helps students lead trips for the program, many are more interested doing trips on their own. Davidson Outdoors provides the following services to students, faculty, and staff.

Trip Planning

Our staff is available to you to discuss your outing plans. What kind of experience do you want? Where do you want to go? How do you want to travel? What kind of meal options do you have in your repertoire? What kind of equipment do you already have, what might you considering getting for your next trip? Visit our office in Alvarez or call us to set up a time to discuss your outdoor adventure.

Map Library

We have a broad assortment of maps to help you plan your hike. From U.S. Geological maps to trail descriptions, you can gain a fuller understanding of what you might be getting into. We also rent maps and a compass to carry on your trip so you can have a great hike and stay safe.

Outdoor Literature

Our library of outdoor writings will help you learn more about the outdoor pursuit you've chosen. Where is a good place to begin to paddle in the Southeast? What are some great off-road bicycle rides in North Carolina? What islands on the Atlantic Coast are worth visiting in your sea kayak? Our library can help you answer these and a myriad of other questions. Come browse our collection during our office hours.

Bicycle Repair Equipment

Whether you need to repack your hubs, true up that front wheel or replace your entire drive train, visit the Davidson Outdoors office and utilize our bike tools and repair stands. If you already know what you're doing and just need access to the tools, great!

Equipment Rental

Our outdoor equipment is primarily used to support trips run by the outdoor program, but we also make some of it available for the Davidson College community to rent. Please visit our Equipment Rentals page to learn more about how to check-out equipment and to fill out our form.

Equipment Rentals