Verification of Employment Process

Employment verifications for Davidson Employees will be performed by ADP Employment Verification powered by The Work Number® from Equifax.  The Work Number® responds to third party requests for Davidson employees’ employment and income information, when employees apply for loans, credit and public aid. Also, when an employee has obtained credit or another benefit, the lender or their agent may later need the employee’s employment and income information for account review in order to confirm the employee is qualified to continue receiving the benefit or to enforce obligations the employee has undertaken.

The service is used by lenders, property managers, creditors, social service agencies and other requestors, collectively called “Verifiers”, which need to confirm an individual's employment status and often, their income as well. These verifiers can go directly to The Work Number®.

This service fulfills these requests securely using your payroll information for the highest degree of data accuracy; the information is provided through an integration between ADP and Equifax.

We utilize The Work Number® from Equifax to help complete requests for verification of employment and income for our employees. Please visit or email or call 800-367-5690

Steps for Verification:

Employee applies for or has obtained credit or loan/benefit/lease. Generally when doing so, the employee provides consent when signing the application to have their employment and income information verified.

Credentialed verifier requests the information from Verifier is required to provide a permissible purpose. If requesting an employee’s income information, verifier is additionally required to certify they have the employee’s consent to receive this information.

Verifier Instructions:

In order to verify income and employment go to to view the different verification services and sign up 

Sign up as one of the following:

  • Verify for Your Organization – Verify someone's employment, income or work history
  • Government Program Verification - Determine someone's eligibility for government assistance

or if already registered, Access The Work Number® Database: 

Davidson College Employer Code:  586722

Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) Form Completion

If a current or former employee needs the employer certification portion of a PSLF form completed by Davidson College, please email the form for completion to