Students have the opportunity to engage with the arts during their time at Davidson. Davidson Arts and Creative Engagement (DACE) offers a myriad of ways for students to create and produce programs in the arts.

The Arts Fellows is a paid internship program that is under the direction of Sherry Nelson and focuses on arts administration, creating and sharing passion for the arts, and arts advocacy.  In this group, you will find support for various student-centered programs in the arts.

The DACE Arts Fellows awards up to $15,000 annually to student arts projects across campus.

Meet The Arts Fellows

  • Sophie Danish ’22, Spike! Grant Manager
  • Marquia Humphries ’22, AIR Grant Manager
  • Sarah Jackson ’22, Art Cart Manager
  • Michelle Silver ’22, Social Media and Marketing Manager
  • Carla Cecci ‘23, Creative ‘Cats Collective Manager
  • Sarah Zhang ’23, Community Outreach Manager
  • Emma Goldfarb ’24, Special Projects Manager
  • KaiKai Wang ’24, Art Career Program Manager