These organizations aim to complement and extend the work happening in the classroom, with career exploration, and across campus. Explore new paths, connect with peers and prepare for life beyond Davidson.

This page is just a sampling of the many clubs and organizations active at Davidson. Members of the Davidson community may view all organizations on WildcatSync. Students may also work with the Student Activities Office to launch new clubs and organizations.


Davidson Investment and Financial Association (DIFA)

The Davidson Investment and Financial Association (DIFA) manages over $700,000 of the college's endowment. The association was founded on the principles of education and the college's need for an effective and unique way to educate the student body about the stock market. The portfolio is entirely student run and focuses only on investing in public traded equities. The Association is composed of a CFO, COO, CCO, Treasurer, and three Sector Heads, with junior members able to join the sector of their choice. The club welcomes all students, regardless of financial knowledge or background. We only ask that members have curiosity to learn and explore the world of finance and investing.

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(MAPS) Minority Association of Premedical Students

Founded in 2007 to bring together premedical students and those from underrepresented backgrounds with shared goals and ideals, MAPS aims to support students in their efforts to impact the healthcare community and to provide them with opportunities to do so. By uniting students with these similar values, we hope to increase the retention rate of underrepresented pre-medical students in our group and at Davidson College.

Mock Trial Association

Mock Trial Association members gain hands-on knowledge about the practice of law in addition to strengthening public speaking and debate skills by competing in team scrimmages, Davidson Mock Trial events, as well as AMTA mock trial competitions.


Pre-Business Society

The Pre-Business Society is a network of Davidson students pursuing careers in finance, consulting, marketing, and entrepreneurship. We provide a forum for discussion among students with similar goals and aim to provide educational and networking opportunities for members. We also offer career preparation assistance and mentorship. 

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Pre-Dental Society

The Pre-Dental Society aims to promote the awareness of dentistry as a career and to provide aid and support to pre-dental students at Davidson.


Pre-Law Society

The society educates interested students about legal issues, pursuing law school admission, and careers in the legal field. It arranges visits to law schools, invites legal professionals and educators to campus, and organizes affordable LSAT preparation courses.

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Premedicine Society

Founded in 2007, the premed society serves and connects Davidson College pre-medicine students.

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Pre-Nursing Society

The purpose of the Pre-Nursing Society is to motivate and supply a supportive network for students interested in nursing at Davidson as well as support in the admission process to professional nursing school. This society encourages students to use the knowledge gained at Davidson to benefit the community and nursing profession.

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Pre-PhDs of Davidson Science

PODS is a group that brings together students who wish to pursue a PhD in some area of science post-Davidson. The group facilitates discussions, lectures, and other events in order to prepare students for life in graduate school.


Pre-Physician Assistant Society

The Pre-PA Society seeks to bring together and inform students who are interested in a possible career as a Physician Assistant. We hope to create an environment where students can learn more about what it means to be a Physician Assistant and the necessary steps one must take as an undergraduate student to become a practicing PA.

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Pre-Veterinary Society

The Pre-Veterinary Society supports students interested in careers in animal sciences. It also aims to raise awareness of animal-related issues in Davidson.

Women in Business

Established in 2019, the Women in Business (WIB) Club empowers students looking to pursue careers in business. The opportunities provided by WIB are intended to help students seeking careers in all realms of the business world and are not unique to any specific industry.