Center for Student Health and Well-Being Response to COVID-19

As Davidson College resumes while under the continuing health concerns of COVID-19, the Center for Student Health and Well-Being is operating using a hybrid service model (i.e., teleservices and in-person response) for the Fall 2020 semester. Refer to our Counseling & Health Services Related to COVID-19 for the most updated information about our center's current services.

Visit Fall 2020 for college-wide updates and announcements.

In order to succeed academically and to enjoy all the campus has to offer, students must be cared for physically and mentally, and have a sense of well-being within their community.

Davidson's Center for Student Health and Well-Being provides services to all full-time students. Most are free of charge. Our office, which offers both health and counseling services, is located at the corner of North Main Street and Glasgow Street.

Health & Counseling Services

Our health services include immunizations, regular check ups, flu shots, allergy care and more, while our range of counseling services help students address adjustment issues and other challenges that they may face during their college years.

The center is staffed with full-time nurses, part-time physicians contracted with nearby medical groups, and master's and doctoral-level licensed counselors and psychologists.

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After Hours & Emergency Services

A registered nurse and a counselor remain on-call after hours and on weekends. For severe cases, there are multiple hospitals and urgent care facilities nearby.


Have Questions About Vaping?

Read the latest from the Centers for Disease Control.

Until we know more, the CDC recommends that you consider refraining from using e-cigarette or vaping products. If you have trouble quitting, please contact the Health Educator, Georgia Ringle, for assistance.

Health Education & Advising

The campus health educator and health advisers work to provide students with accurate, current information about a variety of health and wellness issues so that they make responsible decisions.

Health Education


Forms, Policies, Payment & Insurance

We operate as most medical offices, with strict confidentiality policies and set procedures for medical orders, payment and insurance.