Account Management for Faculty, Staff & Students

Technology & Innovation (T&I) is responsible for managing employee and student access to applications, servers, network, and telecommunication resources to include but not limited to email, Google Workspace, Zoom Phone, Banner, and Oracle Cloud. Our goal is to maintain a secure environment while granting employees and students access to the resources that they need and to terminate access when the need no longer exists.

Departing Employees & Students

All Davidson accounts, including network accounts, email accounts, Banner accounts, Google Workspace, and Zoom Phone accounts of terminated employees and departing students will be disabled and/or removed from the system following the schedule indicated in the account lifecycle.

  • Staff: Account disabled one day after last day worked.
  • Faculty: Account disabled 90 days after last day worked.
  • Students: Account disabled on May 31, the year following graduation. Some services are disabled earlier. For withdrawing students, access is based on enrollment status effective date.
  • Retiring Faculty: Email access will continue, other accounts follow the faculty guidelines.

If the individual has installed any software licensed to Davidson College on his/her personally-owned home computer, the individual must adhere to the terms of the software licensing agreement. Software vendors such as Microsoft require that the software be removed if the individual is no longer an employee of the college.

Departing Student Workers With Banner Accounts

The supervisor of the student worker is responsible for notifying T&I within 24 hours if a student terminates his/her employment before the semester ends. Upon receipt of the notification, the student account will be locked and the permissions will be removed. At the end of each semester, the accounts for all students who will not resume employment in the upcoming term will be locked and the permissions will be removed.