We have compiled common questions and answers about Post and Print.

Use this Frequently Asked Questions section to find out how ship packages, send copy requests, and more.

Post Office Questions

What is the least expensive way to send my 400-piece mailing?

This is referred to as a "bulk mailing," which automatically gives you a discounted rate. Please contact our Mail Center at 704-894-2126 for more information. 

How long will it take my package to get to its destination?

It depends on the method of shipping you use, the weight, and how much you wish to spend. Please contact the Post Office at 704-894-2126 for more information. 

Can you help me find the least expensive way to ship packages?

Yes. We are able to compare pricing of USPS, FedEx and UPS, and then offer you the lowest priced shipping method.

Should I insure packages that I send through the USPS?

Only if you can prove the value of the item that you are going to ship. The USPS only pays for shipping damages if you can provide a receipt to verify the original cost. 

Will my First Class letter go out today?

Yes. All First Class mail is processed same day. 

Can I pay for USPS postage with my CatCard?

Only students may pay for postage with Declining Balance on their CatCard. Other forms of payment for customers include major credit/debit cards, cash, and checks made payable to "Postmaster."

How soon will the incoming mail be put up?

After two separate morning USPS mail deliveries, the Mail Center staff has it sorted and in the boxes by noon each day. Fed Ex and UPS deliveries are ready for pickup by 3:30.

Do you forward mail over the Christmas break?

Due to the short length of the holiday, it is not feasible to do so. 

Do you forward mail during the summer break or if I am studying abroad?

Yes. We forward to your home address.

What is Davidson's mailing address?

The Davidson College mailing address is not the same as our physical address. Please reference the Mailing Address Guide for more details.

Copy & Print Center

Are your prices comparable to outside vendors?

Yes. We periodically review pricing in the area for copying, including color, and other services to ensure that our pricing is at or below the market level in the area. Check our price list to view costs for all of our printing and copying services.

How can I send a copy request electronically?

Go to PaperCut (Davidson log-in required). 

Can my copy request be completed by the end of the day?

We prefer a 24-hour lead time, but will do our best to complete the request by 5 p.m. Without advance notice, we are subject to availability of the staff and equipment necessary to complete your request. 

Can you make special deliveries of large copy jobs?

We will attempt to accommodate all requests, especially if a 24-hour notice is given.

Are shipping charges exempt from sales tax?

No. North Carolina law allows vendors to impose tax on shipping.