Compensatory Time Off

The college does not schedule compensatory time when salaried (exempt) staff members' duties require them to work outside their normal work schedule. In exceptional cases, for instance when a staff member works extensive hours over an extended period, the head of the staff member's department may approve time off.

This manager-awarded time will not be hour per hour and should be taken as soon as possible. In no circumstance should the college or the employee track hours worked beyond the normal work schedule for salaried employees as this could be interpreted as classifying the salaried employee as hourly (this is in accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act). Compensatory time will usually be taken as a shorter work day or periodic day off and should not be utilized in lieu of extended absence normally considered vacation.

Call Back Pay

Staff members may be called back to work for emergency reasons at times other than their regular work hours. Whenever hourly (non-exempt) staff members are called back for emergency reasons they will be guaranteed a minimum of two hours pay at straight time rates. Should the emergency require that the employee work longer than two hours, the employee should be paid at straight time for the number of hours actually worked. Should additional emergencies arise while the staff member is on campus for emergency reasons, all emergencies will be considered as one call back in determining the minimum amount to be paid. Such emergency callback should not be confused with work scheduled in advance for normal non-duty hours or days.

Storm Emergency Pay

See Inclement Weather Policy (PDF).

Pay for Essential Personnel During Health Emergencies

In the event of a significant health or safety emergency, the college may suspend normal operations. If normal activities are suspended, all employees who have been notified in advance that their positions are designated as essential must report to campus as soon as they are reasonably able. Hourly (non-exempt) employees who are required to work during an emergency when the college is officially closed will receive one-and-a-half time (1 ½) pay for hours worked during the closing even if the hours worked for that week are less than 40. This type of pay is only available for hours worked while the college is officially closed due to an emergency.

Travel Pay

Hourly (non-exempt) employees who travel out of town due to a work assignment or to attend a work-related seminar should refer to the Worked and Paid Time for Non-Exempt Employees Chart (PDF).

Questions regarding these policies should be directed to Human Resources at 704-894-2213.