Davidson College accepts credits from other colleges and universities based upon equivalency in terms of level, content, quality, comparability, and program relevance to a liberal arts curriculum. The following conditions must typically be met:

  • The college or university is regionally accredited for a liberal arts and general curriculum or has similar accreditation abroad.
  • The courses are consistent with the academic objectives of a liberal arts curriculum and the mission of Davidson College.
  • The grade earned in the transferred course must be at least a “C-” or its equivalent.

Credit by examination, with the exception of the Advanced Placement Program of the College Board, the International Baccalaureate Program, and similar programs abroad, are not accepted via transfer. This means that internships, trainings, and CLEP tests are not transferable.

Online Courses

Davidson College is committed to providing rigorous academic instruction and feels learning is a process best achieved via classroom interactions between students and faculty. For this reason, students may transfer in a maximum of two online and/or hybrid courses from other institutions. These courses may be taken only during the summer and not when the student is concurrently enrolled at Davidson College. The courses also must involve ongoing interaction with instructors (not independent, self-paced modules).


Limits for the amount of transfer credit to Davidson are as follows: 1) a maximum of 16 courses toward graduation and 2) no more than one half of the courses used to satisfy major requirements, and these transferred courses must be approved for major credit by the department chair.

Major or Minor Credit

In all instances of transfer credit, including off-campus study, the department of the major or minor determines whether a credit transferred by the Registrar counts toward the major or minor. To receive major or minor credit, contact the department chair and include a copy of the course syllabus. Some departments may also want to see coursework, so make sure to save everything. The department chair will contact the Registrar's Office about applying the course or courses to the major or minor.