The Vice President for Finance and Administration is responsible for risk management on campus and manages the insurance coverage for the college's property, general liability, and automobile policies.

Insurance Providers

The primary provider for property and casualty insurance is EIIA, Inc. (Educational and Institutional Insurance Administrators, Inc.) in Chicago, Illinois. EIIA, a not-for-profit organization, provides risk management services to a consortium of more than 130 institutions of higher education. Eric Little with Corporate Risk Management, Inc.  is the college's insurance consultant.

Risk Management

Overall risk management is a joint endeavor with the departments of Human Resources, Physical Plant, and Public Safety. Workers' Compensation, health and accident insurance, life insurance, and long-term disability insurance for employees are the responsibility of Human Resources. Physical Plant is responsible for campus property, buildings, and Motor Pool vehicles as well as environmental safety and training.  Accident reports for crimes or incidents occurring on campus are provided by officers with Public Safety.

Accident Reports

Any type of accident on campus or an incident involving theft or property damage should be reported to Public Safety at 704-894-2178. A copy of the incident report will be forwarded to Finance and Administration to determine whether a claim needs to be initiated.

Automobile Claims

Each Motor Pool vehicle has an accident report form and an insurance ID card in the glove compartment with instructions on what the driver should do in case of an accident. The department that is paying for the use of the Motor Pool vehicle is responsible for the $500 deductible on a claim. Employees traveling on college business who lease a rental car should decline the additional insurance offered by car rental agencies. Employees should refer to the College Travel Policy for more information. Insurance follows the automobile so, for an employee driving a personal car on college business, the personal insurance policy is primary. 

Certificates of Insurance

All outside vendors, contractors, and caterers that are working on campus must provide Davidson College with a Certificate of Insurance showing evidence of general liability coverage and naming Davidson College as additional insured on the policy. If a college department is asked to provide a Certificate of Insurance to an off-campus vendor or venue, please contact the Office of Finance & Administration with 1) dates, description of event or activity, and coverage required and 2) complete mailing address and contact name, along with phone number and e-mail address, for the company or venue. A Certificate will be generated electronically and emailed to the department, usually within 24 hours.   Requests for the certificate holder to be an Additional Insured must include a copy of the contract/agreement that includes the insurance requirements. 

Foreign Travel

Davidson College employees traveling out of the country on college business, or faculty and students traveling on a Study Abroad program, are provided at no cost with international emergency travel assistance insurance through EIIA.

Summer Programs

Three summer programs sponsored by the college are provided with accident coverage for the summer campers. The policy covers Day Camp at the Lake, Freedom Schools, and the Summer Promise Program. The insurance helps cover medical costs related to accidents that may occur to participants during camp.