Explore issues that are important to our communities, evaluate the veracity of information and learn more about democracy and constructive dialogue. 

Information Literacy & Fact Checking

  • Fact.org  a nonpartisan organization that “ aims to reduce the level of deception and confusion in U.S. politics.” 
  • PolitiFact a fact-checking website that rates the accuracy of political claims. 
  • Beyond Fake News a resource about the ten types of misleading news. 

Issues on the Ballot

Issue Voter choose the issues you care about and receive information about those issues.

Constructive Dialogue

Faculty Weigh In

New research by Davidson College political science professor Besir Ceka and his collaborators throws a lifeline to social media users who feel overwhelmed by misinformation.

New Research Finds Simple Corrections Can Slow Spread of Misinformation Online

Student Spotlight

Davidson College students Daniel Lee '26 and Divin Dushimimana '26 reflect on their work with the Deliberative Citizenship Initiative and the happiness that comes from genuine conversations and thoughtful exchanges of ideas.

A Welcoming of Deliberative Disagreement: Spotlight on Davidson College’s DCI

Your Democracy at Work

Explore this video series by PBS WHYY covering topics including the history of voting rights in America, the protection of free speech, religious freedom and more.

The History of Voting Rights in America

How is Free Speech Protected in the U.S.?