1098T Tuition State Tax form is available electronically to students and proxies

Davidson does not mail 1098T tax forms.  Students are requested to agree to receive electronically.   Students can download the form from Banner Self-Service and an authorized Proxy can download from proxy.davidson.edu.  Forms are usually available electronically as soon as late January.

If a student does not agree to receive this form electronically they will be notified via email when a paper copy has been printed.  The student will pick up their paper copy from the Controller's Office, located in Jackson Court #4.

Instructions to Agree to Receive Electronically

  • Students: Log in to Banner Self-Service. 
  • Sign up for electronic tax documents by entering your student ID number, name, and an email address to gather your consent for receiving an electronic 1098T Form. The site is secure and your personal information will not be shared.
  • Read information, check the box and click submit.

Where to Find 1098T Tax Form

Student:  Banner Self Service > 4 Square Menu > Student Services > Student Billing/Accounts >1098T Information

Proxy:  proxy.davidson.edu > I am a proxy for [your Student] > Select to View > 1098T Information

Qualified Charges

Please note that per IRS guidelines, a 1098T form is generated only when qualified charges are larger than scholarships or grants. Qualified charges include tuition and activity fees; personal expenses such as housing and meals, or student health insurance are not considered qualified expenses. If your charges are not higher than scholarships and/or grants, you will not receive a 1098T.

1098T forms will not be generated for graduated seniors in the calendar year of graduation as qualified charges were billed in the prior calendar year.

More detailed information and disclosures regarding electronic 1098-T forms (DOC).