Learn about the steps you need to take when leaving the college and what happens to your employee benefits.

Whether you are leaving the college for other employment or retiring, we have laid out what you need to know about the process and options for keeping your benefits, like health insurance, retirement savings and more.


Types of Separation

  • Voluntary: A separation (termination) is considered voluntary when an employee leaves the college by their own free choice.
  • Involuntary: A separation (termination) is considered involuntary when the college initiates the termination action. Employees are not paid for any unused vacation accruals in this case.

In either case, employees leaving the college are eligible to continue some benefits at their own expense through COBRA.


Steps To Take As You Leave the College

1.) Notify Your Supervisor

If the departure is voluntary, please notify your supervisor in writing or by email, so they can begin the paperwork for your termination.

  • Salaried employees: You must provide a 30-day notice in writing or by email to be paid for any unused vacation days.
  • Hourly employees: You must provide a 2-week notice in writing or by email to be paid for an unused vacation days.

2.) Update Your Contact Information

Please make sure your home address and phone number are up to date in Banner, so you can receive important information about your benefits, your future W2 and more. It is your responsibility to notify Human Resources (HR) of changes as soon as possible by calling 704-894-2213 or by emailing Human Resources at hrteam@davidson.edu.

3.) Understand What Will Happen With Your Benefits

All benefits run until the end of the pay period in which your last work day falls, which can be found on the payroll calendar. Please visit the necessary links on this page to explore what happens to your employee benefits once you've left the college.

4.) Optional Exit Interview

Thank you for serving the college. You have the option to complete an exit survey or interview within the last two weeks before you leave the college. This is not required, but we appreciate any time you are able to take to share your thoughts on how to make our workplace better.  Please watch for an email with a link to the exit interview, or call Paulette Russell in HR.

5.) Your Last Day

Remember to turn in any items owned by the college to your supervisor on your last day of work. This includes your CatCard, business credit cards, any keys (door, desks, cabinets), uniforms, laptops and computers, power cords, docking stations and any other tools or equipment provided to you by the college.

6.) After You Leave

You will receive information in the mail about options on keeping your benefits, such as information about COBRA — a law which allows you to keep your health insurance at your own expense for up to 18 months after voluntarily leaving your job.

You will also receive a W-2 from the college before the end of January following your last year of employment with the college.  If you have elected to receive your W-2 electronically you can still log into Banner and retrieve the W-2. If you have not elected to receive your W-2 electronically it will be mailed to you by the end of January.

Benefits at Separation

Learn more about the options you have for each of your employee benefits by exploring the links below. Please call Human Resources at 704-894-2213 for any additional questions you may have.

Learn what happens to Medical, Dental, Vision, and Flexible Spending Account benefits, as well as how COBRA works after separation from the college.

Learn what happens to voluntary benefit plans such as Life Insurance, Identity Theft Protection, and Legal Coverage as you leave the College.

Contributions will be deducted from the last paycheck in which the employee is an active employee unless the employee has proactively canceled their contribution, directly with the vendor in a timely manner.

To learn more about saving for retirement, retiree medical insurance, and staff phased retirement, visit the Retirement page of our website.

North Carolina Unemployment Benefits

At the time of separation, some employees may be eligible for unemployment benefits. Employees may learn more and file a claim at des.nc.gov or by phone at 1-888-737-0259.

Individual Disability

If you purchased the additional long-term disability benefit from Unum, you can contact them about that coverage at this website or call 1-866-679-3054

Contact Us

If you have questions about information regarding your move from Davidson, you may contact the Human Resources Department and speak with the benefits administrator.