Support a cause or policy by exploring opportunities to join advocates, community leaders and passionate citizens as they make their case with legislators.

Get involved beyond Election Day and take action by advocating for issues you care about! 

Contact Your Elected Officials

  • Research the issue. What kinds of issues do you care about most? Which issues are currently being considered at the official level? Check out reliable news sources, specific organizations you care about and trust, and political offices' websites to see when meetings will happen, when issues are discussed and when legislation will be voted on. Attend public meetings, such as city council meetings or town halls, to learn more about the issues and where your elected officials stand. 
  • Find Your Legislators Use your zip code and/or address to get a complete list of contact information for your elected officials
  • How to Lobby Your Legislators
  • Sample Script for Contacting by Phone
  • Tips for Letter Writing

Explore Advocacy Organizations

Join with others to share your interests to advocate for an issue. Visit the Center for Civic Engagement for support with identifying an organization.