The Honor Code at Davidson College allows the college to administer final exams in a way that gives students more flexibility in their exam schedule.

Not all courses will have self-scheduled exams, and many students complete final papers or projects instead of scheduled exams. Students with self-scheduled exams should review the procedures below.

Exam Procedures for Students

Step 1

  • Obtain exam envelopes from the Bookstore (on Main Street). 
  • Fill out the information on the envelopes and return to your professors by the professors' deadlines, which will always be before Reading Day.

Step 2

  • Pick up your exam at the Exam Center in Chambers lobby.  Morning exams may be picked up between 8:40 and 9:15 (only) and afternoon exams between 1:40 and 2:15 (only).  Exams are arranged by the professor's name. For professor names A-L, line up in the south hallway (Concord Road side) and for professor names, M-Z, line up in the north hallway (residence hall side). 
  • Exams may be taken in any classroom in Chambers; open-book exams must be taken in Lilly Gallery in Chambers.

Step 3

  • Once you are done with your exam, seal your completed exam inside the envelope and sign the Honor Code pledge.
  • Return it to the Exam Center and collect your receipt.

Honor Council Reminder

Do not bring backpacks, books or notes into Chambers (except books for an open-book exam).  Also, do not bring any electronic devices (except for calculators) into Chambers during exams. Leave your cell phone in your room as cell phones may not be brought into Chambers.

A note about backpacks:  For your safety and the protection of your personal property, please do not leave your backpack outside of Chambers. Leave your backpack in your room or make use of the storage lockers in the library.

Students with Academic Accommodations

Please contact the Academic Access and Disability Resources office if you need assistance setting-up exam accommodations.

Procedures for Faculty

Step 1

  • Collect exam envelopes from students prior to Reading Day.
  • Note: Students buy exam envelopes at the bookstore.

Step 2

  • Drop off exams in Chambers lobby from 1–3:30 p.m. on Reading Day.
  • Bring 3 extra exams for each course (required, even for Moodle-based exams). We will provide the extra exam envelopes.
  • Write your emergency contact phone number on the front of your extra exam envelopes.
  • Sort all of your students together alphabetically–not by course.
  • Tuck in (but do not seal) the envelope flaps.
  • Do not leave the lobby area until a Registrar staff member verifies your exams are in order.

Step 3

  • Pick up exams in the Registrar’s Office no later than 5 p.m. on the last day of exams.
  • Note for Spring Exams: Grades for seniors are due by 10 a.m. on the Wednesday prior to Commencement


When final grades have been recorded by the instructor and processed by the Registrar, they will be available to the student on Banner Self-Service. Fall semester grades are typically available by the end of the first week in January and spring semester grades are typically available by the end of the week following Commencement.