2022-23 Human Subjects IRB Membership List

Note: Please direct all protocol-related questions to the IRB chair or vice chair.

Chair: Jessica Good, Ph.D., Psychology (S, FT)

Vice Chair: Tiffany C. Johnson, M.L.S., J.D., Library (N, FT)

Committee Members

Angela Cools, Ph.D., Economics (N, FT)

Cara Evanson, M.L.S., Library (N, FT)

Joseph Ewoodzie, Ph.D., Sociology (N, FT)

Molly Flaherty, Ph.D., Psychology (S, FT)

Gretchen Little, Technology and Innovation (N, FT)

Jenny Langford, DVM, (S, C)

Barbara Lom, Ph.D. (S, FT)

Anna Myers '23, Student

Catherine O'Connor '24, Student

Ben Sempowski '23 – Student

Mary Muchane, Ph.D., Director, Grants & Contracts (Ex-Officio, Non-Voting, Advisory)

FT=Full-time employee

*At least one "non-scientific" member must be present at any committee meeting when a protocol is being reviewed.