Davidson College provides paid bereavement leave for you to attend services or tend to​ family business when a death occurs in your family.


Regular full-time and part-time staff employees (excluding temporary) in positions budgeted for 1000 hours per year are eligible for paid bereavement leave.

Policy Details

College employees will be granted up to five days leave with pay in the event of the death of spouse, child, parent, brother/sister or same gender domestic partner, up to three days in the event of the death of a grandparent, or in-law, and one day leave for the death of an aunt/uncle, niece/nephew or first cousin.

This leave may also be used in the event of the death of other family members with whom you have had a special relationship. Requests to use bereavement for family members other than those listed should be requested in writing for approval by your department head, in consultation with Human Resources.

Requests for Leave​

Requests for bereavement leave should be made to the immediate supervisor. Requests for additional leave due to death of spouse, child or parent will usually be granted within reason. If granted, additional time should be charged to accrued vacation or accrued sick time.

Recording Time Off

Exempt employees should make note of bereavement leave in the comments field in Banner Self Service. Non-exempt employees should use the funeral code Time Clock Plus. Supervisors enter the funeral code for Time Clock employees.

Questions regarding this policy should be directed to Human Resources at 704-894-2213.