Technology & Innovation (T&I) supports computers and software installed in classrooms and labs and coordinates technical support with service providers for Davidson’s teaching and learning tools.

We provide licensed software for academic use, and oversee the procurement of new software. For faculty and students, the library’s Digital Learning team provides consulting and training for various tools. 

Technology in Classrooms

T&I supports the technology equipment in classrooms. We engineer and design classroom systems to meet instructors’ needs. Configurations vary from classroom to classroom—contact us ( to confirm equipment in a particular classroom. Classroom equipment may include:

  • Touchpad to control room electronics (lighting, computer, audio, projector, and screen) equipped with a Help button to request T&I assistance during business hours
  • Computer with mouse, keyboard, monitor, plus optical disc drive (DVD/CD drive)
  • Audio/video adapter cables (HDMI, etc.) to connect to mobile device(s)
  • Wireless streaming capabilities
  • Document camera 
  • DVD player
  • Mobile technology classrooms

Academic Software

The college centrally funds academic software licenses for products that are used by multiple departments and academic programs such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Mathematica, ArcGIS, SPSS, SAS and more. As permitted by license restrictions, T&I installs this software on computer cluster/loaner laptops and distributes it to students, faculty and staff.

List of Available Academic Software

Software Purchasing

Public Computer Labs & Workstations

T&I provides a number of locations on campus where computer workstations are available. This equipment is reviewed annually and applications are updated depending on the shifting needs of faculty and students.

Computer Labs & Workstations

Innovation & Specialty Labs

Student by 3D printer in Makerspace

Studio M

Our makerspace is located in the South Basement of Chambers and is equipped with 3D printers and more. Contact Technology & Innovation (T&I) to get trained on how to use the equipment.


Student with Virtual Reality Gear

Virtual Reality Lab

The VR lab, located in the South Basement of Chambers, features a multi-sensor Oculus Rift headset setup. 

Learn More & Book the VR Lab

green screen in media lab

Media Lab

Located in the South Basement of Chambers, the Media Lab is equipped with film editing suites, a green screen with easy-to-use lighting and more. 

Book a Media Lab Workstation

Podcast Studio room with tables, microphones and computers

Podcast Studio

The Podcast Studio, located in the South Basement of Chambers, features four professional-grade podcast microphones and other recording equipment.

Book a Podcast Studio Workstation


Davidson’s web-based course management system, Moodle (login required) is the place where instructors customize their courses and students complete assignments.


Learn More About Moodle

Davidson Domains

Faculty and students can enjoy personalized domain names and free web hosting with Davidson Domains.

Davidson Domains

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