Davidson College actively encourages democratic engagement by providing resources and programs for voting, advocacy and issue awareness. 

Student Spotlight Political Organizations

The student body at Davidson is dynamic and diverse, with different political beliefs. To foster knowledge sharing and proactive discourse, the school supports many student-led political organizations on campus.

Explore Davidson's Student-Led Political Organizations

Faculty Weigh In

Looking for an expert source? Davidson's faculty and staff are available to provide analysis and context on a variety of topics, including China and the politics of East Asia, repercussions of U.S. drug policy, how to make mathematics fun and accessible to children, and North Carolina politics.

Meet Davidson's Thought Leaders

Davidson College believes in free speech, free expression, and academic freedom. We believe in a robust exchange of ideas because we believe in an ethical pursuit of truth. Our official documents have outlined our commitment and, indeed, our obligation to uphold those beliefs.