The Center for Civic Engagement works in partnership with community and nonprofit leaders to connect students, faculty and staff with opportunities to build community capacity and impact positive community-driven change.

Match Your Organization’s Need to Talent on Campus

If you have a project, ongoing internship or service opportunity, share it with us. The center publicizes opportunities ranging from introductory service experiences to immersive summer internship programs. We also partner with faculty who incorporate community-based projects into their courses or research. The center is your one stop shop to communicate opportunities at your organization. Post opportunities through WildcatSync.

Highlight Your Organization

During the Community Engagement Mixer, students, faculty and community members explore ways to be engaged in the community by visiting tables hosted by nonprofit and community leaders.

Network, Develop Community Leadership Skills & Build Capacity

The center regularly hosts speakers and workshops intended to build the capacity of our community, provide networking opportunities and collaboratively engage in community change efforts. Event listings will be updated regularly.

Explore Information About Our Community

Our Community Research Library Guide2020 North Mecklenburg Needs Assessment Summary Report and Data About Our Community can help inform policies, programs and projects and support the efforts of community leaders and organizations.   

Community Innovation Institute

The Community Innovation Institute is an annual, daylong event with speakers and breakout sessions that focus on community change work and promote collaboration. Workshops and discussions focus on place-based community engagement, transformational partnership development and innovative change strategies. The event is open to faculty, staff, students and community members. 

Registration opens in November as is offered at no cost. Details will be posted on this webpage when available.