The purpose of this procedure is to describe the process by which cash will be drawn down from NSF’s Award Cash Management Service (ACM$).


  1. On at least a quarterly basis, the Post-Award Manager will print the general ledger for each NSF grant restricted account and update the master NSF spreadsheet for each award.
  2. Once the master NSF spreadsheet is reconciled, the Post-Award Manager will send it to the Assistant Controller for review and approval.
  3. Once approved by the Assistant Controller, the Post-Award Manager will reconcile, submit and certify the totals through the ACM$ system via Research.gov. 
  4. When the requested funds are received from NSF, the Treasury and Payroll Manager will post the funding to the appropriate restricted accounts.

Adopted: 11/18/2015
Last Revised:  11/18/2015
Last Reviewed:  02/09/2016