Davidson exposes its vibrant and diverse student body to numerous opportunities for interaction with fellow students and the community.

Involvement in social, service and leadership organizations fosters the connections that stay with our students long after graduation. Through active involvement, students gain knowledge, skills and experience in leadership, communication, problem solving, group development and management, budgeting and finance, presentation, public speaking and much more.

Student Organizations

With more than 200 student organizations, there is sure to be at least one, if not more, that appeals to your interests. Davidson students can choose from academic clubs and societies, intramural and recreational sports, publications, gender and sexuality groups, religious, service, political organizations, and fraternities, sororities and eating houses.

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Davidson Outdoors

Whether you thrive riding on the open road, climbing to new heights, or floating on the water, Davidson Outdoors provides opportunities for backpacking, coastal and whitewater canoeing, kayaking and rafting, rock climbing, caving, and mountain biking, as well as bicycle repair tools and resources for equipment rentals and trip planning.

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Student Government

All enrolled students are part of the Student Government Association (SGA), and have the option to run for a leadership position. The SGA includes representatives from each class and each Patterson Court house. The SGA is governed by legislative, judicial and executive branches with committees, councils and boards. Officers, senators and committee leaders are elected through student body vote.

Union Board

The Union Board is the force behind many of the weekly programs, happenings, must-sees and to-dos on campus. 18 student Union Board officers, three advisers and 11 committees work together to program more than 150 all-campus events each year, including trivia nights, performing arts series, film showings, concerts and lakeside yoga practices, as well as the annual Spring Frolics and Winterfest, to name just a few.