When do I find out my initial schedule?

Your initial course schedule will be available the first week in July. Sometimes students do not receive all four courses via WebTree. This is not an issue and a course can be added during the add/drop period.

I watched the WebTree video and read the instructions, but I still need help. What do I do?

No worries! The Registrar’s Office staff as well as our summer advisers are available to help.

What if I want to change my schedule later on?

You have multiple chances to change your schedule. When you come to orientation, you will meet with your academic adviser for guidance on your course schedule, and you will be able to make changes between 7 a.m. and midnight. You may also change your schedule during the regular add/drop period during the first week of classes.

How do AP (IB or Joint/Dual Enrollment) credit transfers work?

Only two AP credits can be used towards the Ways of Knowing requirements. Two more AP credits can be applied to your record. This means you still get credit for the classes, but they do not count for your Ways of Knowing requirements. If you take more than four AP tests, you can choose which ones are applied where, and you can also change that at any time. 

How can I (and my parents) stay up-to-date on important academic updates and deadlines?

Follow the Registrar on Twitter and Facebook for important updates and changes concerning scheduling, credit transfer, upcoming courses and events, and many other important topics. We are here to help you make the most of your academic experience.

Who can I contact directly this summer?

Summer Holistic Advisers

Angie Dewberry, Registrar

Registrar's Office Staff listing

How can I order my textbooks?

Once you are logged into Banner Self-Service, click on 'Add/Drop and Schedule Adjustment' under the ‘Student’ tab. Then, click on 'Textbooks for the Upcoming Semester.' Fall 2019 textbook information will be available in March.

Or, you may go directly to the Davidson College Store. Roll over 'Books' on the department selection bar and select 'Textbooks.' Select the department, course number, and section you are looking for. If books have been ordered for the course, a list of books will appear with multiple purchase and rental options available. You may reserve your course textbooks for purchase/rental and pick them up at the College Store when you arrive on campus.