A lockout device and universal "Danger" tag shall be placed on all energy-activating devices of machines or tools needing repair, or receiving routine maintenance. Anyone using a lockout/tagout procedure should be properly trained.

The responsible craft department should write the reason(s) the machine is not operable on the tag and sign it before placing the tag on the equipment.

Before starting maintenance or repair, the equipment should be checked to make sure all energy has been released or disconnected.

Each craft group (e.g. electrical, carpentry, etc.) should remove its tag after the equipment is repaired and notify affected personnel. When more than one group is involved in repair or maintenance of such equipment, a compound locking device shall be used. Each group involved shall apply their own lock and personal tag.

A lockout device and tag shall be placed on the junction box of stationary, permanently-wired equipment with the energy activating device placed in the "off" position. This lockout/tagout procedure should reduce accidents caused by the unexpected start-up or release of energy.

The equipment shall not be put back in service until after the last group removes its lock and tag.