The Health Advisers are a group of student volunteers who are committed to promoting the health and wellness of their peers.

Health Advisers are passionate about addressing the specific health education needs of the college population and modeling healthy behavior.  As a group, they implement campus wide-health programming and provide support for their peers. Some of the topics they cover most often are: sexual health, sexuality, healthy relationships, alcohol and drugs, body positivity and self-care. We believe peer-to-peer messaging is often the most effective avenue when addressing these topics.

The Health Advisers cover a range of topics and have led many successful programming initiatives throughout the years. Some of the most popular programs are:

  • Community of Respect Skit during New Student Orientation
  • First-year hall talks
  • Patterson Court educational events
  • Sexual health programming
  • Masculinity talks
  • True or False: Sex Facts and Myths
  • Reclaiming Our Health Series
  • Frames of Mind Digital Platform

Become a Health Adviser

Applications for the new cohort of Health Advisers will be available during spring semester.

We encourage all students who are committed to promoting the health and wellness of their peers to apply, but emphasize that selection is competitive. Students interested in applying submit an online application and letters of reference to the Health Education Office. Selected applicants are invited to a group interview led by current Health Advisers where participants share their interest in the health of their peers, their ability to be collaborative and address diverse health concerns, and to share any relevant prior experience.

Meet the Health Advisers

Find the Health Advisers on Instagram at @davidsonhealthadvisers.

Ashley Allushuski

Ashley Allushuski '25

Health Topics of Interest: disability advocacy and healthcare, healthcare accessibility, non apparent disabilities and healthy lifestyle education

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Sarah Baker

Sarah Baker '24

Health Topics of Interest: consent, pleasure, body positivity and healthy relationships

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Thomas Baker

Thomas Baker '24

Health Topics of Interest: safe sex, consent and communication, drug and alcohol education and substance use disorders

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Grace Catan

Grace Catan '26

Health Topics of Interest: self care, substance safety, sexual health, disability, self-advocacy and queer mental health

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Ramsey Chaaban

Ramsey Chaaban '24

Health Topics of Interest: inclusive sex education, safe sex, consent and healthy relationships

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Maeve Corcoran

Maeve Corcoran '24

Health Topics of Interest: healthy relationships, consent, mental health and body positivity

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Mike Mung

Mike Mung '25

Health Topics of Interest: mental health, social health, sleep, nutrition & eating disorders, neurological disorders and health literacy

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Neve Rauscher ‘26

Neve Rauscher '26

Health Topics of Interest: healthy lifestyles (sleep, nutrition, exercise), sex education and mental health

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Laila Robinson

Laila Robinson '24

Health Topics of Interest: nutrition & disordered eating, sexual health and BIPOC mental health

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Ella West

Ella West '26

Health Topics of Interest: safe sex, consent, healthy relationships, sleep and nutrition

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