All students who are currently enrolled full-time are eligible for services at the Center for Student Health and Well-Being. 

Outpatient visits with the nurse or the physician at the center are free of charge for all students, regardless of insurance plan. The cost of in-house laboratory tests, supplies, procedures and certain medications are billed directly to the student's account through the Controller's Office. The college does not participate with private insurance plans.

Health Insurance Requirement

Each Davidson student must have medical insurance, either through a private insurance company plan or the insurance package offered through the college.

Insurance is required for all students because an unexpected illness or accident can generate the need for specialty care. Expenses can add up and quickly overwhelm a family’s financial resources. This could impact your ability to remain in school and progress toward your academic goals. Health insurance helps offset the cost of emergency and specialty care.

Davidson College Health Insurance Plan

Each student must have medical insurance, if they do not have coverage through a private insurance company plan, Davidson offers a health insurance package.

Please note that this plan will now provide coverage for intercollegiate sports.

Learn More About Davidson's Student Health Insurance

Policy Dates

The coverage of the college-offered health insurance is effective from August 1 – July 31 and is renewable annually.

Medicaid Recipients

If you currently have Medicaid you will need to remain enrolled in the college-offered plan, unless you have coverage in the Davidson area and intend to obtain your healthcare from your usual provider (if this is the case, you will need to complete the waiver).

Vision and Dental

Vision and dental insurance is available through the Davidson College Health Insurance Plan, even if a student does not enroll in the medical insurance. Although the Center for Student Health and Well-Being does not provide vision or dental care, there are several professional offices nearby, some within walking distance of the campus, that provide these services at the student's expense.

Through your enrollment in Davidson’s Student Health Insurance Plan, you have two options for free telehealth services:

  • AcademicLiveCare: Should you need access to physical or mental health care, whether in or away from the Davidson area, you can use AcademicLiveCare at no cost to you, even during college breaks. Take advantage of this incredible telehealth benefit by visiting today.
    • Click 'Get Connected' on the home page and then 'visit AcademicLiveCare'.
    • Sign Up using your school email address and Service Key ALC.
    • During your visit, use Coupon Code ALCDAVC23 when prompted for payment to make the cost of your visit free!
    • Need help? Follow along with our AcademicLiveCare User Guide.
  • Health Line Blue: This service is provided by BCBSNC and provides 24/7 access to a nurse to answer health related questions. 

Dental and/or Vision insurance can also be purchased at any time. Details can be found here under Dental and Vision Insurance Options.

Waiving Use of Davidson College Health Insurance Plan

All students will see the fee for the college-offered health insurance plan on their fall tuition bills every year. If you have other health insurance that provides benefits in the Davidson area or within 50 miles of Davidson, and you do not wish to have the college-offered health insurance, you must complete the insurance waiver.

Providing insurance information on the Student Health Portal or to the Athletic Department does not take the place of completing the online waiver.

The waiver must be completed no later than July 25. If the waiver is not completed by July 25, you will automatically be enrolled and will be responsible for payment of this premium. Waivers must be completed every year.

How Do I Decide Whether or Not to Waive the College-offered Health Insurance Plan?

First, you need to determine if your personal/family policy provides benefits in the Davidson area. Note that some insurance companies only provide services for emergency care obtained at a hospital or urgent care when you are outside of your home network. You or your parents need to call the Customer Service phone number for your policy and determine if they will cover care within 50 miles of the area.

Though you may have been previously healthy, there is always the chance that you may at some time during your four years at Davidson have the need for x-rays or other diagnostic tests or need to see a specialist such as a gastroenterologist, an ENT physician or an orthopedist for an injury.

Payment for Services

Though there is no charge for the actual visit with a physician or nurse at the Center for Student Health and Well-Being, there are charges for laboratory tests, orthopedic braces, vaccines and some medications. The Center for Student Health and Well-Being files insurance claims for students covered by the college policy but does not file claims with private insurance companies. Charges will be placed on your tuition bill or student account.

If a student is referred off campus for testing that is not available at the Center for Student Health and Well-Being, such as an x-ray, vaccine or other services that may not be available in the heath center, the student is responsible for payment of associated charges. Students should bring all insurance information to the appointment.

If a student is covered by the health insurance plan offered by the college, the charges generated at the Center for Student Health and Well-Being will be filed by our staff.

Students can log on to their student health portal to print receipts from student health center visits for submission to their private health insurance for reimbursement.  

Medical Records

Student medical records are housed in the Center for Student Health and Well-Being and are strictly confidential. Student medical information is not released to parents, college officials or others without written authorization from the student. For more information, contact the Center for Student Health and Well-Being at 704-894-2300. 

Medical Excuses

Davidson College operates on the honor system, therefore the Center for Student Health and Well-Being does not write medical excuses for students. With permission from the student, health services staff members will verify that a student visited the center.