Hazardous Waste management at Davidson College follows numerous regulatory guidelines as well as prudent waste practices. Specific waste management practices are developed to minimize waste streams and reduce all environmental impacts to our campus and local community. It is the policy of the college to fully comply with all federal regulations governing hazardous waste management and  North Carolina's Hazardous Waste  Management Rules. To ensure that state and federal requirements are met, the college's Environmental Health & Safety Office is responsible for assessing hazards relating to all aspects of Davidson's operations, including that of any on-campus research activity involving the use of radioactive materials and/or disposal of animal or chemical waste.

Each generator of a hazardous material should consider the hazards of the chemicals and gases they use, utilize the least hazardous material practicable, and consider strategies to minimize or eliminate hazardous waste streams. Disposal of hazardous waste is coordinated by the Environmental Health & Safety Office.

Radiation Safety

Principal investigators planning to use radioactive materials or x-ray units during the course of a research project should contact Davidson's Public Safety Office to obtain a list of licensed individuals and the specific radioactive materials each individual is licensed to handle. Licenses are obtained from the Division of Radiation Protection, North Carolina Department of Environmental Health and Natural Resources.

Chemical Compliance Review

Principal investigators preparing research proposals involving the use of carcinogens, potential biohazards (viruses, recombinant DNA), or chemical hazards (poisons, explosives, flammables) are required to submit a list of substances and their quantity to the Office of Sponsored Programs prior to proposal submission. Environmental Health & Safety and the Biohazards Committee will review the list for state and federal regulatory compliance, and may provide an estimated cost of disposal that should, when allowed, be charged against the grant under direct costs.

Questions concerning the proper handling, use, storage and disposal of hazardous waste should be directed to Allen Stowe at alstowe@davidson.edu in the Environmental Health & Safety Office prior to proposal submission.