As a private college, Davidson treats information regarding employees, students, work processes and organizational decisions as confidential.

College information is generally classified into one of three categories:

  1. Information that is generated publicly or is intended to be made public;
  2. Information that is gathered or generated for the college's internal use; or
  3. Confidential information pertaining to individual students, faculty and staff

The information that faculty and staff generate or maintain in the course of their duties belongs to the college, which entrusts it to their custody. The custody of college information is the responsibility both of the custodian and his or her supervisors.

Particular care must be taken by employees with personally identifiable confidential information, such as:

  1. A student's financial aid, grades and academic evaluations
  2. A staff member's salary, social security number, performance evaluations, family data and medical records

Such information must be accorded the strictest safeguards so that access is given only to those whose duties require it. In addition, disclosure of information pertaining to students is subject to the requirements of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, a federal law.

If a person or agency outside the college requests information that has not yet been released, or if asked to comment on a college situation, please forward the call to College Relations (704-894-2244) or refer the matter to the division head responsible for the release of the information.

For additional information regarding confidentiality of employee information, please call the Human Resources Office at 704-894-2213. For information regarding student information or the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, please call the Registrar's Office at 704-894-2227.