Counseling services are available to all enrolled Davidson College students. Counselors go to great lengths to promote students' well-being by providing an individualized care plan, in a safe, inclusive and confidential environment.

Although the Center for Student Health & Wellbeing is closed for full-time services during the summer, staff may offer limited counseling services to students during the summer months between the end of the Spring semester and the start of the Fall semester. 

The availability of services will vary from summer to summer and from week to week depending on the availability of staff and funding to provide such services. Ongoing counseling services will only be provided to students who meet all of the following criteria: 

  1. Students enrolled in classes for the following fall semester.

  2. Students fulfilling some official function at the College (e.g., as employees, research assistants, part of summer recruiting programs/camps).

  3. Students living on or near campus during the time when services are received.

  4. Students with psychological concerns that can be adequately addressed within the limited framework of services available during the summer (i.e., no availability of medical support via Health Services, no availability of after-hours crisis support , etc.). 

Students remaining in Davidson and the immediate surrounding area who seek counseling services but cannot be accommodated under this policy will be referred to community mental health providers better positioned to meet their counseling needs via our clinical case manager. 


Individualized Care Model

Davidson College’s mental health counselors utilize an Individualized Care Model, sometimes referred to as Stepped Care Model. This model allows clinicians to meet students where they are and collaborate with the student to provide a tailored care plan to meet each student’s individual concerns, using evidence-based resources and treatments for those concerns while promoting autonomy and empowerment.

This model is not linear. A student does not start at the bottom and move through the steps one by one. After a triage/initial appointment the student will be provided an individualized care plan (ICP) with the most effective and least intensive intervention first. A student is stepped higher or lower based on outcomes and needs.

Getting Started Make a Triage Appointment

To access paperwork and online scheduling, visit the Student Health Portal (Davidson log-in required). Please do not schedule online if in crisis, visit the center immediately.