Consulting, Analytics, Tutoring Services

Based in The Hurt Hub@Davidson, Data CATS supports students, faculty and staff in data analytics work. Data CATS can help students and faculty at any stage of an assignment or project, from translating ideas into data-focused questions, to collecting, organizing, analyzing, visualizing, and interpreting data. Services are free for Davidson students, faculty, and staff, and on a contract basis with local companies.

Location and Hours

Open office hours Sunday-Thursday, 3-5 pm and 7-9 pm. Weekday afternoon hours start August 23. Sunday and evening hours start August 30.

Tutoring sessions and consulting are remote on Zoom or at The Hurt Hub@Davidson (subject to staffing constraints), 210 Delburg St., Room 212. You may also directly contact the director, Dr. Jason Byers.


Dr. Jason Byers
Data Lab Director
Visiting Assistant Professor of Data Science