Find the answers to your questions about requesting checks, setting up a new vendor, employee gifts, and more.

How can I tell if a check has been processed?

To verify that a payment has been processed, follow these instructions.

In Banner:

  • Go to screen FAIVNDH
  • Enter the vendor number
  • Click on "GO" on the far right side of the screen or Perform a Next Block command (alt-page down)
  • You will see all the invoices for the vendor you have selected
  • If the Check Number field is populated, the payment has been processed (check numbers that are all numeric indicate that a physical check was issued; check numbers beginning with an ! indicates the payment was made via direct deposit)

On VendorLookup report

  • Access the Vendor Lookup report and enter the vendor number in the search field
  • Click on the vendor and then click on the Payments tab
  • The payment date and payment number fields will be populated for invoices/payment requests that have been paid

Who do I contact to set up a new vendor?

After confirming that the vendor has not already been set up in Banner by reviewing the VendorLookup report (Davidson login), send the vendor a link to the DocuSign new vendor/substitute W-9 form by copying the link of the appropriate form (business/individual) and sending to the vendor. A copy of the completed form will be automatically sent to, and the Davidson contact noted on the form will be notified once the vendor number is set up. Please note that no payments will be issued until we have received a fully completed form.

If a vendor provides you with a copy of their IRS W-9 form, we still require our version of the W-9 form in order to obtain banking information for payment via ACH/direct deposit, and an email address for payment notification.

Payments to Non U.S. Citizens are more complex. Please contact the Accounts Payable Coordinator at 704-894-2206 and the Payroll Coordinator at 704-894-2461 for guidance on these payments.

Is Davidson required to pay sales/use tax?

Although the college is exempt from federal and state income taxes, we are not exempt from sales and use tax, unless the items being purchased are for resale (for example, textbooks or merchandise for resale at the Davidson College Store.)  The College is required to pay North Carolina sales/use tax on goods that are consumed in North Carolina. We are then eligible for a refund of some of the taxes paid. It is therefore important to remit detailed receipts with p-card or vendor invoices.

We are not eligible for a refund of sales taxes paid to other states.  However, some out of state vendors may collect and remit North Carolina sales tax, which would then be eligible for refund. To determine if a company collects and remits North Carolina sales tax, please check the NC Sales Tax Registry at the NCDOR webpage.

For additional information, please contact our Cash Manager at 704-894-2067.

How do I know if I should contact accounts payable or payroll?

Reimbursement of business expenses are paid to employees through accounts payable.  Payments to employees or students for services performed may need to be made through payroll and should be reviewed by Human Resources.