If a faculty member on full-year sabbatical with half-salary paid by the College receives an external grant(s) to supplement the salary provided by the College, the faculty member may be paid all normal fringe benefits by the College on the total amount up to, but not exceeding, the equivalent of the regular, full salary for that sabbatical year.

In order to implement this policy, all the following conditions must be met:

  1. The provision for payment of normal fringe benefits by the College applies only to faculty with a full-year sabbatical leave.
  2. The relevant grant money must be designated for salary and not for other items such as equipment, overhead, etc., and the granting agency guidelines must stipulate that the organization does not provide fringe benefits.
  3. The granting agency or agencies must be willing to send their contribution toward a faculty member's salary to a Davidson College payroll account.
  4. The combined half-salary paid by the college and the salary funds from the grant/s may not exceed the amount of the faculty member's regular, full salary for that particular year.
  5. Request for these arrangements must be submitted to and approved by the Dean of Faculty prior to the start of the sabbatical year.
  6. Once the Dean has approved the request, copies of the approval will be forwarded to the Office of Sponsored Programs, Human Resources Office, and the Payroll Office. They will then work out specific details with the faculty member and the granting agency. The Director of Sponsored Programs will administer and monitor the process.

Davidson College Faculty Sabbatical Benefits Supplement Approval form