A student who wishes to take academic or personal leave from Davidson College may do so upon approval from the Registrar or Dean of Students.

The student may begin the process by either meeting with the Registrar or Dean of Students or by completing the online leave form. Guidelines are also available from the Registrar.


After March 15, a penalty of $250 is charged if a student receives approval for academic or personal leave beginning the following fall semester. A $500 penalty applies after June 15. In like manner, a penalty of $250 is charged if a student notifies the Registrar after November 1 that he or she does not intend to enroll for the spring semester, and a $500 penalty applies after January 1.

Study Abroad Leave

A student studying abroad on a non-Davidson program must pay the non-refundable $350 administrative fee. A student must pay his or her account in full and maintain the $500 enrollment deposit in order to be granted on-leave status.

Home Tuition Policy for Study Abroad

Davidson College will follow a home tuition policy for fall, spring and academic year study abroad. Under this policy, students who study abroad with a partner program will pay to Davidson the college's study abroad and tuition fees, and the college will pay the partner program's tuition cost to that program (up to Davidson's tuition fee). Students will pay all other program costs, including a non-refundable deposit, directly to the partner program. This policy aligns Davidson's practices with many other U.S. colleges and universities.