Four Phases of Registration

Phase 1 - WebTree: May 31–July 1
Initial course registration through WebTree. Learn how to use WebTree.

Phase 2 - Schedule Adjustment for New Students: Aug. 23
New students meet with their academic adviser to review and make any adjustments to their course schedules using Banner Self-Service.

Phase 3 - Add/Drop: Aug. 26-30
Students are able to make further adjustments to their schedule through Banner Self-Service. If a course requires permission, the Schedule Adjustment (Add/Drop) Approval Form must be completed and submitted to the Registrar's Office, Chambers 1197.

Phase 4 - Late Add/Drop: Sep. 2–6
Any add/drops must be done in person in the Registrar's Office. The Schedule Adjustment (Add/Drop) Approval Form must be submitted and there is a $20 late fee.


WebTree is the software used by Davidson students to enter course preferences. Assistance and directions, including an instructional video, is available on our WebTree resources.