Through identity and affinity organizations, students can closely connect to their own backgrounds, as well as to the backgrounds of the students around them, through a vast array of clubs, organizations, and leadership opportunities. To that end, the college supports a number of student-led organizations that promote advocacy and acceptance of its students, faculty, and staff as well as members of the greater community.

This page is just a sampling of the many clubs and organizations active at Davidson. Members of the Davidson community may view all organizations on WildcatSync. Students may also work with the Student Activities Office to launch new clubs and organizations.

Black Femmes at Davidson

No demographic of people can understand black women like black women. Oftentimes the black people in each grade are dominated by black men. The combination of misogyny and racism that defines black women’s unique experiences at PWIs. From several conversations we have had with black women in the class of 2022, being black and a woman at Davidson can be an isolating experience. This group aims to eliminate these sentiments through informal bonding events such as sleepovers, home cooked Saturday dinners, museum excursions, mentorship sessions to share PWI experiences and support one another, movie trips about the black diaspora, and more.

(BSC) Black Student Coalition

The Black Student Coalition is open to every person on Davidson's campus. Our mission focuses on supporting the core values of unity, dedication, and love within our membership with a prime focus on uplifting the Black community.

(CCC) Chinese Culture Club

Chinese Culture Club is an organization at Davidson College aimed to foster awareness about Chinese culture. We host and co-host cultural events such as the Mid-autumn Festival Celebration and Lunar New Year Celebration. We also host discussion panels and documentary showings about the current political, social, and economic issues in China. Our events are open to all members of the Davidson community. Join us to have fun!



Davidson African Students Association

DASA is a young, vibrant group which aims to give the Davidson community a glimpse of the African continent through African eyes, and to promote cultural, intellectual, political, and economic awareness about the African continent. We will organize different events based on African music, dance, current events in Africa, and the personal narratives of our students to help meet this goal.



Davidson Disability Alliance

Davidson Disability Alliance facilitates visibility, inclusion, and support for disabled students at Davidson College. The term "disability" is far-reaching and fluid, so any student can join. The organization facilitates accessibility and disability awareness across campus, provides social support for disabled students, and promotes disability culture and identity.

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(DIA) Davidson International Association

Davidson International Association is open to all students interested in promoting cultural awareness and global interdependence. As an inclusive organization, DIA creates a space where all members are encouraged to share their diverse backgrounds with the student community, promote cultural awareness and global acceptance, and embrace the diversity that each student brings into Davidson’s prestigious global community.

Fashion Club

So often young kids feel obliged to conform and dress in a way different from their normal choice of wear. It is imperative to understand that the most cardinal opinion is own. As long as you’re happy with the clothes you choose to wear, that is all that matters. Wear it with confidence. Fashion Club seeks to uplift its peers in hopes of increasing self-confidence. Fashion Club also wishes to assist kids in need of clothing by hosting various fundraisers to raise money and uphold clothing drives. Lastly, Fashion Club will host an annual fashion show to showcase Davidson Fashion!


French Club

The French Club seeks to foster and support interest in the French language and francophone cultures among all members of the community. By sponsoring activities on and around campus, we hope to bring greater awareness to francophone cultures without a fluency in French.

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German Club

The purpose of the German Club is to bring together individuals with an appreciation for the history, culture, and language of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. This organization also makes it a goal to expand interest in the German Studies department and be a resource for students interested in all things German!



Korean Student Association

We’re an organization for any students who are Korean identifying to any extent or interested in Korean culture.

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(MENASA) Middle Eastern And North African Student Association

The Middle East & North African Students Association is an organization that focuses on promoting the cultures of the Middle East and North Africa by educating the Davidson community through a variety of events during the academic year. MENASA works closely with the Arab Studies Department to share the region's food, dress, traditions, and language with Davidson's students.



Muslim Student Association

The MSA helps Muslim students find their place in the college environment. The group celebrates Muslim holidays, organizes events, and promotes peace and cooperation with all other religious groups on campus.

(OLAS) Organization of Latin American Students

OLAS fosters and maintains a spirit of solidarity among students interested in Latinx cultures, including but not limited to Spanish speaking countries and their descendants. OLAS is an all-inclusive organization committed to promoting the uniqueness of Latinx cultures by providing a wide range of opportunities to participate in social, cultural, political, and community service events for all students.

(PASA) Pan-Asian Student Association

PASA wants to encourage communication and collaboration between student organizations that are affiliated under a "Pan-Asian" Identity, such as the South Asian Student Association, the Korean Student Association, the Chinese Culture Club, and others. We strive to provide the support and resources necessary to highlight the individual culture and identity of each organization. We also work to promote educational and cultural events that speak to both the commonalities of the pan-Asian experience and also issues that are specific to certain communities.


Queer Mentorship Program

The Queer Mentorship Program pairs incoming first-year and transfer students with queer sophomore, junior or senior Davidson College students. The program recognizes that the transition to college is a hard time, especially so for queer and/or questioning first-year students. We hope that a mentor can help assist and guide students through their acclimation to college and create a more welcoming community at Davidson. Contact us at for more information!


Russian Language Club

The purpose of the Russian Language Club is to involve students at all levels of Russian speaking ability with peers who are interested in Russian language and the cultures of various Russian speaking countries. We want to break misconceptions about Russians and Russian society and get students interested in learning the language.



Queers & Allies

Queers & Allies aims to enhance Davidson College's understanding of topics related to sexual and gender identity/expression. Q&A represents those members of the Davidson College community who identify as LGBTQQUIAAP (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, queer, undecided, intersex, asexual, allies, pansexual) as well as straight allies. Those involved include students, faculty, and staff. Q&A advocates for increasing awareness and celebrating the diversity of the LGBTQQUIAAP population at Davidson College in all aspects of campus life. Q&A also works to provide a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment for all LGBTQQUIAAP members of the Davidson College community so that all may feel as comfortable as possible in their respective sexual and gender identities/expressions.

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(SASA) South Asian Student Association

Our central objective is to offer the Davidson community a glimpse into the multitude of diverse cultures and voices found in South Asia. We aim to increase South Asian representation on campus through organizing festivals like Holi, Eid, and Diwali. Among other initiatives, SASA brings speakers and voices to campus to increase awareness and knowledge about the region, facilitates interaction between students, and offers students the opportunity to sample South Asia’s diverse cuisine. SASA remains committed to both increasing the South Asian presence within the Davidson community and offering a small glimpse of South Asia to the larger Davidson community. SASA is open to all students--whether these students identify as South Asian, have lived anywhere in South Asia, or simply are interested in learning about its culture.



Women's Leadership Conference Planning Committee

The Katherine M. Bray Women’s Leadership Conference provides women with an interactive, intergenerational exploration of 21st century leadership. During the day of the conference, the participants learn from speakers, engage in workshops, and have meaningful conversations. Our mission is to build a culture that supports women leaders at Davidson College and in our community through the exploration of a wide range of strategies for effective leadership, the examination of current issues surrounding leadership, and the development of a network for women leaders. The Planning Committee consists of Davidson students who identify as women that meet weekly to develop all aspects of the conference. Through different subcommittees, we brainstorm a theme and conference content, publicize the event, manage participants, and oversee all day-of operations. In developing this conference, committee members also expand their personal leadership skills in an inclusive and safe space.

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(YANASH) You Are Not A Stranger Here

You Are Not A Stranger Here fosters community spaces exclusively for LGBTQIA+ and questioning students. We function as the only LGBTQIA+ organization on campus with anonymous and confidential membership to ensure that Davidson Students can seek out the queer community without the pressures and fears of coming out. We write a weekly newsletter to all of our members to inform them about LGBTQIA+ happenings on campus. Our events are bi-weekly and focus on different issues such as family, work, love and dating, gender, sexuality, expression, etc.