Account Management for Faculty, Staff, and Students
Technology & Innovation is responsible for managing employee and student access to applications, servers, network, and telecommunication resources to include but not limited to email, Voicemail, and Banner.

Administrative Data Security Policy
The Administrative Data Security Policy governs the handling, dissemination, and protection of Davidson College's administrative data. This document is intended for use by all individuals, staff, faculty, or employed students, given access to Davidson College's administrative data.

Security Measures to Protect and Back-Up Data (PDF)
All data relevant to the administration of the college, including all student records, are protected in multiple ways. Specifically, electronic data stored on college servers is protected 1) from outright theft due to an intrusion into college networks, 2) from disclosure to unauthorized parties in violation of privacy and use policies, and 3) from accidental loss of any kind.

Guest Access to Internet
Davidson College provides unencrypted wireless access to the Internet for use by visitors and guests of the college and participants in non-academic college events and programs. Use of this network is provided "as is."

Hardware Standards
Hardware standards are set for the benefit of the college community. For standard systems (hardware and software), Technology & Innovation guarantees compatibility of software applications, operating systems, and network connectivity.

Software Standards
Technology & Innovation develops and publishes software standards for the campus community. When a software standard exists for an application, it should be used on college computers.

Acceptable Use Agreement - Network
Permission is granted to me by Davidson College for academic and administrative non-commercial use of the Davidson campus network according to the terms of this agreement. It is the responsibility of each user to comply with Davidson College regulations and all federal state and local laws.

Members of the college community should inform themselves and abide by provisions defined in the EDUCOM code.

LAN Technology Policies and Procedures
Technology & Innovation endeavors to allow the smooth, uninterrupted operation of academic and administrative computer software, which supports the central mission of the college.

Purchasing Policy
The computer and printer replacement program is a collaborative process between Technology & Innovation and individuals or designated department representatives on campus.

Support for Desktop Computing
This policy applies to single-user desktop computing systems. Please see the separate policy regarding LANs for information on support for non-Technology & Innovation host systems, servers, local networks, etc.

Moodle Usage Tracking
Use tracking features exist within Moodle to allow instructors to teach more effectively and understand student needs, however, students should be aware that instructors have the ability to track their use.