Moodle Usage Tracking

Davidson College uses Moodle, a Learning Management System (LMS), to give students and instructors a digital course space. Moodle is used to disseminate course materials, encourage class discussion via forums, and collect student work through assignments and online quizzes. One available feature within most Learning Management Systems is the ability to track, report, and analyze students' account activity. Tracking features are ideally designed to help instructors teach more effectively and understand student needs.

While you are a student at Davidson, your instructors have the capability to track and view all of your activity in their courses on Moodle. Instructor tracking can include but is not limited to: viewing your logins, downloads, page clicks, and traffic. Instructors can also generate and analyze reports from your student data. Students can view these reports, but you must specifically request access from

As students and digital users, it is important that you are aware of how and when your online data is accessed and used. When using Moodle and other online spaces, keep in mind Davidson College's Honor Code and Technology Terms of Service.